Cinnamon Christmas Trees

For this handmade Christmas tree ornaments you will need:img_1734

  • fabric (whichever design you like)
  • some ribbons (that match your fabric)
  • needle and thread
  • scissors
  • pins
  • cinnamon sticks
  • wadding

For each tree cut out two triangles (ours are about 7cm high and 5 cm wide at the base – but add seam allowance of about 1cm).

Put the triangles on top of each other (wrong side up, i.e. the right sides are touching). Cut a piece of ribbon (about 8cm long) and fold it in half. Put the ribbon between the two layers of fabric – the folded end points towards the marked opening at the bottom of the tree, the ends of the ribbon stick out slightly between the two layers of fabric at the tip of the tree. Pin the layers of fabric and the ribbon in place (make sure to only attach the ribbon at the tip of the tree).grafik_baum1

Sew along the dashed line (either by hand or machine) and leave the gap at the bottom open. Turn the fabric right side up, fold the seam allowance in along the gap, and fill through this opening using the wadding. Insert one cinnamon stick as the tree trunk through and close the rest of the gap with small stitches by hand (so that the cinnamon stick won’t fall out).