Granny Squares – project in progress

My long time project…

IMG_9713_1… I have been working on this granny square blanket for three years (on and off) now. Finally all the squares are done (200 in total) and I am currently blocking them and joining them together.

I like the look of the sunburst granny square pattern I chose for my blanket and of course the name “sunburst” just really fits the colour scheme. The pattern is available for example here on ravelry.

The individual suqares are joined using the whipstitch method (instructions for example here). I tested several ways to crochet the squares together but did not like that they either joined the squares very loosely resulting in a lot of holes along the seams or they created clearly visible, raised seams. Sewing them together using the whipstitch technique the squares are evenly joined and the seam is almost flat.

I will post an update as soon as the blanket is finished – fingers crossed it won’t take another three years.